Her Backyard: A Book Review

61SFX90ASWL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Her Backyard by Doreen Lewis is an adventurous, romance story that portrays a working woman in the middle of self-discovery. It has to do with making choices that may not be so easy making as well as complex relationships between co-workers, siblings and good friends. I am specific that many readers within the age between 30 and 40 will certainly have a link with Audrey, the major character.

Audrey and her sister Ava have a touching, close– occasionally strained, various other times humorous– partnership. Their mom passed away when they were young and currently they were dealing with losing their cherished dad. Audrey returns to her childhood home for the funeral and also meets an old flame that helps her come to terms with just what is missing out on in her life. Office politics were wearing thin and profession hungry colleagues were beginning to both irritate and eat at her.

She starts to question her options in life and is confronted with preferred alternatives that play tug-of-war with her mind. Finally, tired and also psychologically exhausted she is provided the possibility to choose the course of material happiness. Audrey learns how to make a decision based upon her needs, rather than aiming to measure up to the impossible way of life culture encourages.

Her Backyard certainly has a plot that I believe several females can associate with. Occupation ladies need to make many sacrifices and there are times when one asks yourself if this way of life is genuinely fulfilling all their requirements. Should they always do what is expected, or look out for their own desires occasionally?  Should they fix the roofing services on the house, or take a trip they have always dreamed of?  These questions plague working women everywhere.  I believe Doreen Lewis has created a great book representing this problem.