Reasons to Read

Parents and teachers have always told us to read. They were right, reading is fun and not just obligatory for a High School Education. It will make you smarter on so many levels and you will have fun doing it.
book-page-hugging-woman#1 Make it a part of your daily routine. There’s nothing better than to transport your mind into an adventure like a book.
#2 You will experience places without even going there. Different cultures and places and Historical context comes alive as out brains get into a book.
# 3 Imagination and creativity comes alive in our minds. It stretches pictures in our heads that can benefit us at school, work, and everything else.
#4 Reading is cheap and you can read for free everyday.
#5 It educates us. It expands our minds and writing skills. Also our vocabulary intelligence is attractive.
#6 Some of your favorite quotes will always serve you with inspiration.
#7 When books become movies you already know whats going on!
#8 Shows improvement in writing and also improves your grammar and communication skills.
#9 Plenty of things to read. There are Newspapers and online articles, not just books.
#10 Reading can be a lot of fun, exciting, relaxing, and much more.
# 11 You can read anywhere, on a train, a plan,e or automobile (Don’t Read and drive!)
#12 If you feel you are in a bad mood, pick up a good book and let it take you away from what’s bugging you.
#13 Improve your self-esteem. Reading gives you a better understanding of the world. Read a book on how to improve yourself, build self-confidence. Memorize things efficiently, all self-improvement comes from reading.
#14 To play a game well you have to learn the rules. The more you read the more you understand.
# 15 Prepping for action, read instructions on how to prepare meals or bake cakes. Take a family trip and learn what to do if lost.
Reading can lead the way around any obstacle, just pick a subject and read and learn.