Banned Books

Did you know that there are books banned for completely crazy reasons. Let’s start with The Adventures of Captain Underpants. But before we begin, it’s kind of quaint that people think that they can just ban a book, right? I mean, that has to be the most ineffective power trip in the whole world! The USA can’t even keep top secret spy stuff from the public. How are they suppose to keep this book from a child who can easily find it on the internet?

So let’s all laugh in the faces of censorship, because here’s a list of books that were banned on … well basically nothing! Harriet the Spy written by Louise Fitzhugh. Why you ask? Because it’s about a spy who lies and get into mischief and sets a bad example for the children. This actually is a book is really honesty show us an 11 year old child who doesn’t lie and make mischief. Children are not robots, they are kids.

37732Are you there God, it’s me, Margaret: By Judy Blume. Banned because they thought it was sexually offensive .When we are in our tween’s, weird things happen. Our body changes. Girls are becoming women and its hard for them to understand or even talk about it. But don’t worry, lady, even if you do live in a world where people pretend this doesn’t happen to you. Lets just watch the commercials where a girl turns a cartwheel on a beach while wearing a feminine product.

Wheres Waldo, by Martin Hand Ford: Why? A side boob. Yes, this mess of a book that’s supposed to make it hard to find anything, someone found a side-boob in the beach scene of the 1987 version, so as usual, women bodies ruin everything, you know like war and stuff.

Little Red Riding Hood, The Brothers Grim, The 1987 version was pictured a little girl carrying a bottle of wine. Really ladies and gentlemen, a Little girl’s grandmother was just eaten by a wolf. Glad they got their priories straight. Where the sidewalk ends by Shel Silverstein. It was banned not because of cannibalism but also Shel told kids to break plates instead of washing them. Yep have to keep those little servants in line. Can’t have any poet teaching them bad things. Buts its alright to eat people…well some people just don’t get it.